Who we are?

Peraco Oy is the ful­fill­ment of two pas­sio­na­te wine ent­husiast, Pek­ka And Rami long time dream. We have spent a lot of time and money by our­sel­ves for dee­pe­ning our wine know­led­ge as a hob­by during the last 10 years. Litt­le by litt­le we had the idea for our own busi­ness. Infor­ma­tion we have obtai­ned from the lite­ra­tu­re as well as by a num­ber of tra­vel­ling to dif­fe­rent pro­duc­tion areas.

For the begin­ning, we were inte­res­ted to learn about Fin­nish alco­hol mono­po­ly pro­ducts. As we did not know from anyt­hing bet­ter. A trip to Paris at 2008 was mid blowing expe­rience. We visi­ted at Salon Inter­na­tio­nal de l’Agricul­tu­re-exhi­bi­tion at Por­te de Ver­sail­les. Here we could find many new areas and gra­pes to us. As exhi­bi­tion was showing each depart­ment indi­vi­dual­ly, we could mana­ge the infor­ma­tion flow.

By this expe­rience, our hob­by went total­ly into new direc­tion. The nar­row selec­tion at Alko, did not meet our urge for new. We began buying local wines on busi­ness and fami­ly trips around Euro­pe. Know­led­ge from local wines were searc­hed befo­re and after the trips. Dif­fe­rent ter­roirs, cli­ma­tes, gra­pes and even vini­fica­tion met­hods enc­han­ted us by offe­ring more and more great wine expe­riences. The­se fea­tu­res see­med offe­ring life­las­ting lear­ning sce­ne. Rea­so­nable quality/price ratio for local wines, com­pa­red to Alko’s pro­duct was not slowing our urge for local wines as their prices top­ped many times Alko’s price levels.

Peraco’s busi­ness idea is based to our own expe­riences. We want to chal­len­ge our cus­to­mers for see­king new flawors ins­tead fami­liar ones. Even shif­ting to new area with same gra­pes, gives dif­fe­rent expe­rience. We have selec­ted our wine­ries by our­sel­ves by visi­ting their wine­ries. We have tas­ted each and eve­ry wine, discus­sed with growers from their phi­lo­so­fies for wines. We belie­ve that by as clo­se as pos­sible for natu­ral vini­fica­tion, wine allows to its tas­ter a chance to recog­nize its ori­gins.