Peraco Oy

Expert on specia­li­ty wines

Loo­king for unusual?

At Peraco, we are thrus­ting searc­hers for excel­lent wines. We are not inte­res­ted pro­fes­sio­nal­ly fami­liar and safe areas but small and unk­nown, as well as the­se wines.

Our goal is to expand the supply of Fin­nish wine into unk­now and tell the mes­sa­ge of diver­si­ty. Wine is more than a drink, and we want to bring the who­le sto­ry behind the wine con­su­mers. We belie­ve that the search for wines as orga­nical­ly pro­duced from small esta­tes who endor­se qua­li­ty. They pro­duce true­ly delicious special­ties.

Welco­me to explo­ring our world!!!